General Terms


Skirt markers "IKOS"
"Masszeichner", 60 cm high. "Atelierständer", 90 cm high.
Skirt marker " MOBIL"
80 cm high, robust model, with wheels.
Pin cushion
Horse shoe magnet
7 cm long
Tracing wheel
Linen testers
Brass, dull lustre chromium plated.
Hand tally counter
4digits, with retaining ring, mountable.
Garment clamps
Transparent plastic, carton of 5.000 pieces.
Cloth clamps
Plastic covered.
Cloth clamps "Midget"
Height adjustable.
Nickel plated.
Seam ripper
Large model, 12 cm long.
Magnetic gauge
Teflon coated, easily attached to all sewing machines, for perfect and steady hemming.
Plastic, 38 x 6 cm, for cleaning and removing dust.
Thimbles, steel
With open top, nickel plated.
Thimble and cutter in one
Plastic, ideal for cutting threads, soft and adjustable for your finger.
Steel, nickel plated .
Spot remover
0,5 l bottle.
Sewing Machine Oil
Free of resin and acid.
Antifray spray
Prevents unravelling of fabrics, 400 ml spray can.
Silicon spray
Slide spray, to increase slide ability of zippers, cutting tables, iron shoes, sewing machines and needles. 400 ml spray can.
Antistatic spray
To prevent and eliminates static electricity. 400 ml spray can.
Multi spray
Cleans from dirt, tar, grease etc., cares for metal parts, orevents wear and corrosion. 400 ml spray can.
Foamcleaning spray
Removes oil, grease, soot etc., removes spots from carpets and upholstery. 400 ml spray can.
Teflon spray
Grease- and siliconfree, to increase slide ability with a longleasting and solid coating. 400 ml spray can.
Glued seam
"Gütermann", glues all textiles, appliques, leather and PVC. 30 g tube.
"Parvalan", for leather and textiles.
Iron cleaning stick
Makes irons glide smoothly.
Iron cleaning sticks "Decap'fer"
Box with 10 pieces.
Iron cleaning pads
Fine steel wool, to remove residues from irons, doublepack.
For steam irons.
Fluff brush
With velvet, revolving.
Tailor's brush
Natural bristles, brush area 21 x 7 cm.
Anti sheen brush
Bristols and brass wire.
Ironing cushions
Filled with cork, covered with linen.
Cushion for shoulder
Small, approx. 25 x 11 cm.
Needle point ironing pads
Needles mounted on fibreboard to iron velvet.